• Jadran Film  has some of the most experienced film and tv crews in the region. Award winning production designers, costume designers, cinematographers.
  • Line Producers / Production Accountants / Production managers
  • They can assist you to source the key Croatian talent who will ensure that your production runs smoothly, on time and on budget.
  • Highly-skilled Production Managers for entire productions, short contracts or one-off production budgeting. All of them have a minimum of three years of experience as a Production Manager and at least six broadcast credits (or equivalent).


Croatia may be a small country, but it has a remarkable diversity in both locations, options and cost – effectiveness. Jadran films makes the complete processes a straightforward and easy,  with established base – camp locations  and logistics.


Croatia introduced Film Production Incentive in 2012. It is available to international and local filmmakers in the form of a rebate on qualifying Croatian spend. As of July 2018. cash rebate has been raised to 25%, with additional 5% for productions filming in regions with below average development.


When distributing movies, tv-series, documentaries, or any kind of project considering visual art we make a great deal of communicating with our clients, providers and local distributors. Be it for a small scale project or something larger. 


Jadran film has brought  many international productions to Croatia that  we are proud that we had worked with:

Competitive costs, experienced crew, talented performers, accessible locations, and attractive tax breaks all contribute in attracting filmmakers time and time again.Location:Jadran film has a network of national and regional film agencies to assist with all aspects of production.